A morning’s work – by Dancing

Entering, she saw that he was already waiting for her. She smiled at the 4 year-old and handed him her enormous bunch of shining, almost identical, keys. The little boy quickly chose one, locked the front door behind her, skipped upstairs and unfalteringly unlocked the staff’s loo, the admin wing and then her office, each time correctly picking a different key. His knack for recognition would have been unearthly were it not for the fact that until he had reached the refuge a few months earlier, he and his mother had been locked into their apartment for his entire life.

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Jet Lag?

Here is another entry for 100 word Challenge for Grown Ups from @dancingrain2012.

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Everyone gathered for the fireworks as midnight struck. Drink in hand, she checked the time on her phone. She hadn’t updated it since arriving in England and it still showed what she felt to be ‘real time’;  when her husband arrived home from work, when her youngest daughter finished studying for the day and when her grandchildren went to bed.  2:00am!!  Guilt-ridden, she realised that despite not  adjusting her phone, it was exactly two hours too late to wish hubby a Happy New Year. Should she call and risk waking him or simply send a txt and hope for the best?



There’s Many a Slip…

Here’s is a great post from Fay, (Dancing in the Rain) for Week#55 100 Word Challenge for Grown ups over at Julia’s Place. The prompt was ‘…and the apple fell…’

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The Chairman of the Board was weighed down with responsibility and understandably had little time to address the staff on the eve of this festive holiday. Yet, traditionally, he found himself raising a piece of apple dripping with honey to his lips, to symbolise a sweet new year. Just when the camera zoomed in, sharing the moment with employees in mobile-phone stores throughout the country, the piece of fruit slipped out of his hand.  As the apple fell, he shrugged his shoulders helplessly before licking his sticky fingers, brown eyes crinkling boyishly. With perfect composure, he then turned to greet the Minister of Communications.



Smile to the wardrobe

This is a post for 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups from Dancing who lives in Israel. She has been a contributor to 100WCGU for a while now. The challenge can be found over at Julia’s Place. Do pop over and read some of the other entries. They make good reading and are only 100 words!! The prompt was ‘…retruning to the routine…’

The six-door wardrobe towered against the wall opposite the bottom of her bed. The first thing on which her eyes would focus were its pale wooden doors with modern, yet elegant, handles. Suddenly awake, she would remember where she was in her life and smile involuntarily. She managed to smile through ill-health, through financial difficulties, through worries about the children. There were times when she didn’t smile – at times of death or when love, or loved ones, let her down. The relief upon returning to the routine of smiling to the wardrobe was always tremendous. Its very involuntariness was witness to her inner happiness.

For a Sourpuss

Here is Wendy Errington’s great entry for Week#55  on the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups. It’s slightly different this week as writers have to match the picture with a suitable wording to go into a birthday card!  Do pop over to Julia’s Place and see the other entries!


Evil cackling heard from behind the Catty Card Category alerted Sam that someone had found the perfect card.

“That’ll be £2.99 please…thank you.”

“It’s just what I’m looking for!”

As Sam slid the card into the paper bag she read:

“You look all done up like a dog’s dinner, rather than the cat that got the cream –

Happy Birthday Sister!”

Another satisfied customer she mused. 



Gifts to be Treasured

Another contribution for 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups from Wendy Errington. The theme was Legacy. Do pop over the Julia’s Place for some more entries! 


I’m heading to London next weekend to stay with Tom. He started a new job as a doctor the other week and moved in with his girlfriend. When he was five he once said – “You don’t tell me what to do, my brain does!” It still makes me smile.

Megan has just got in from babysitting. She has an early shift at work tomorrow. She’s a very efficient waitress in a restaurant. Bossy actually! When she got in, she said it had taken her 3 attempts to park the car outside. I smile.

My son and daughter are my legacy.   




Dilemmas of a 50 something!


This is another entry from Wendy Errington for the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups over at Julia’s Place. Each week a prompt is posted for those over 16 to produce a creative piece using only 100words. Therompt for this week is in blue. Do make sue you visit the other entries!


So I’m new to this. I’ve been viewing and winking …and scrolling through pages of men. But nothing really has caught my eye.

This online dating malarkey is really proving to be difficult. I mean, first of all there was “My Ad” to write with a word limit and the agony of which photo to use! I needed the obligatory head shot. Which is my best side?

And as a picture paints a thousand words then do I include one of me on my bike, on holiday in Filey, my parrot, me white water rafting or abseiling or sleeping? Or would seven prove to be too much?