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As you will know Posterous is behaving like a parent and throwing us out of the house! I have found somewhere for us to crash so do make your way over to Julia’s Notes

I’ve only just taken possesion so there are still lots of things to do to make it feel like home but let me know your thoughts! 


Top Job

This post is for Week #76 of 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups over at Julia’s Place. The writer wishes to remain anoymous but they are certainly cross!



On the surface all seems well. The organisation has reached its annual fundraising target and has done lots of good work to help the needy. But beneath the surface or, to be paradoxically exact, at the top of the professional pyramid, there exists a hotbed of corruption – obvious, unfortunately, only to the rest of the staff; self-promotion, jet-setting, nepotism, exploitation of personnel and double-funding. And the Executive Director has now been nominated for the top job in an even more prestigious agency! How can they be so blind?



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