Copper Head

This post is from Dancing Rain for Week#68  100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups. You can find other entries over at Julia’s Place. do pop over and read!



Jane had always wanted a little girl. While she obviously adored her baby son with his blonde hair and blue eyes, she continued to window-shop for pretty pink dresses, T-shirts with little red hearts and cute purple pants – not to be worn together of course. Just a couple of years later her dream was fulfilled and, soon enough, so was her shopping basket. However, although she always made sure that her daughter wore perfectly matched outfits, Jane never seemed to notice that the little girl’s glistening copper locks were even more beautiful when she was dressed in plain grey or in white.


One thought on “Copper Head

  1. Thanks Sparks. The inspiration came from a story I read in childhood – and somehow never forgot.Shame about the photo. It only shows her hair and outfit. Julia said she’d try to fix it – but she’s so busy I expect she hasn’t had time…

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