There’s Many a Slip…

Here’s is a great post from Fay, (Dancing in the Rain) for Week#55 100 Word Challenge for Grown ups over at Julia’s Place. The prompt was ‘…and the apple fell…’

Fay has used the celebrations in Israel for her inspiration. After leaving a comment, please pop over to see what the others have done with the forbidden fruit! 😉


The Chairman of the Board was weighed down with responsibility and understandably had little time to address the staff on the eve of this festive holiday. Yet, traditionally, he found himself raising a piece of apple dripping with honey to his lips, to symbolise a sweet new year. Just when the camera zoomed in, sharing the moment with employees in mobile-phone stores throughout the country, the piece of fruit slipped out of his hand.  As the apple fell, he shrugged his shoulders helplessly before licking his sticky fingers, brown eyes crinkling boyishly. With perfect composure, he then turned to greet the Minister of Communications.




One thought on “There’s Many a Slip…

  1. I enjoyed this. The children at my school learnt about this celebration in their RE lessons this week and they all had apples and honey to eat. I know because they came to my Spanish lesson and left sticky finger prints all over their books :-)I love the way this man regained his composure so quickly after his mishap.

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