Smile to the wardrobe

This is a post for 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups from Dancing who lives in Israel. She has been a contributor to 100WCGU for a while now. The challenge can be found over at Julia’s Place. Do pop over and read some of the other entries. They make good reading and are only 100 words!! The prompt was ‘…retruning to the routine…’

The six-door wardrobe towered against the wall opposite the bottom of her bed. The first thing on which her eyes would focus were its pale wooden doors with modern, yet elegant, handles. Suddenly awake, she would remember where she was in her life and smile involuntarily. She managed to smile through ill-health, through financial difficulties, through worries about the children. There were times when she didn’t smile – at times of death or when love, or loved ones, let her down. The relief upon returning to the routine of smiling to the wardrobe was always tremendous. Its very involuntariness was witness to her inner happiness.

One thought on “Smile to the wardrobe

  1. Thanks Delft, Susan and Midlife – for commenting. I think the wardrobe demands that she focuses on where she is in life before starting the day – in a good place or not, and the relief she feels when she realizes that all is ok with her world is overwhelming. . The days of despair aren’t so great., mind you. There is no comfort then. The smiling periods are good though – and if she forgets during the day that it started with a smile – the wardrobe reminds her 🙂

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