Gifts to be Treasured

Another contribution for 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups from Wendy Errington. The theme was Legacy. Do pop over the Julia’s Place for some more entries! 


I’m heading to London next weekend to stay with Tom. He started a new job as a doctor the other week and moved in with his girlfriend. When he was five he once said – “You don’t tell me what to do, my brain does!” It still makes me smile.

Megan has just got in from babysitting. She has an early shift at work tomorrow. She’s a very efficient waitress in a restaurant. Bossy actually! When she got in, she said it had taken her 3 attempts to park the car outside. I smile.

My son and daughter are my legacy.   





One thought on “Gifts to be Treasured

  1. Thank you both for your encouraging feedback and observations. They surely are my pride and joy. This is the third challenge I have done this summer and thoroughly relishing the opportunity to write in a non competitive environment.

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