I Blame It on the Dog by Kriss Akabusi

Here is another guest post but this time from Kriss Akabusi, the Olmpic runner! He got the bug when he wrote 100 words for the children’s prompt about the Olympics. Here is his contribution for ‘I blamed it on the dog’.



A hard day at work right into the night, my neck, my muscles they feel so tight.

long drive out of town, many people all so shrill, thank God for the peace over that Chiltern


Arrive at home familiar noise through The Hall, I never have to give those hounds a call.

Zen, Shabba, Roxy nose pressed to the doors, eagerly waiting, a menage of swirling


Open the gate slip into Rushmere Park, a wonderful Oasis in the middle of the dark.

Navigating, fields, streams, woods & a fallen log, I’m lost in Nirvana & I blame it on the




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One thought on “I Blame It on the Dog by Kriss Akabusi

  1. Ooooh Delft what a privilege it is too. I’m going out into the woods now, 750 acres of Heathland, woods, steams, wild flowers and an aroma so delight some and my best friends, Zen, Shabba and Roxy busily flushing out all sorts of wild life along our way. I learn so much from my dogs, most of all that this world is fragrant, colourful and affords peace above measure.I do wish you one day soon the simple pleasure of mans best friendWarmestKriss

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