This post is from Dancing in the Rain for Week #49 of the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups.It is a dedication to all her sports mad family anf friends!

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Murray was just about to serve for the Championship when the doorbell rang.  She pressed the pause button viciously with a barely muted “s**t”.  Precariously balancing a myriad of luggage on the doorstep was Tom, with Carmela, his Spanish bride-to-be.  “Thanks a lot, Mum”, he muttered. “We decided to get a taxi. You didn’t answer your mobile or the house phone.”  She flapped her hands helplessly, knowing how important this first meeting at the airport was supposed to have been.  “Well, you know what I’m like when Wimbledon’s on. I’d forget my head if it was loose”.  And with a backwards glance, “Come on in – I put it on pause……”.


I Blame It on the Dog by Kriss Akabusi

Here is another guest post but this time from Kriss Akabusi, the Olmpic runner! He got the bug when he wrote 100 words for the children’s prompt about the Olympics. Here is his contribution for ‘I blamed it on the dog’.



A hard day at work right into the night, my neck, my muscles they feel so tight.

long drive out of town, many people all so shrill, thank God for the peace over that Chiltern


Arrive at home familiar noise through The Hall, I never have to give those hounds a call.

Zen, Shabba, Roxy nose pressed to the doors, eagerly waiting, a menage of swirling


Open the gate slip into Rushmere Park, a wonderful Oasis in the middle of the dark.

Navigating, fields, streams, woods & a fallen log, I’m lost in Nirvana & I blame it on the




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Dog Food!

This is another piece from Ros Wilson for this week’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups. The prompt was ‘I blame it on the dog’. Ros and her pooch are very close so this is one for 4Legs! 



Wrinkling my nose with distaste, I scooped out putrid dog food while 4 Legs wagged his tail in anticipation. As I was placing it on the floor the ‘phone rang.                                                             

“Michael Gove here.”                                                                                                                  

I gasped in amazement and fumes from the meat made me cough.                                              

   “I rang because your letter said you had interesting suggestions for what to do with my Grammar Programme for 11 year olds.” 

I continued spluttering.                                                                         

 “Are you alright?” asked Mr Gove

Mr. Gove,” I replied. “If you dole out tripe you are bound to cause a stink.”

The phone went dead…I blame the dog…



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