Guilty as Charged

This piece is from Dancing Rain and is for Week #46 of The 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups.
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I know that what I am doing is wrong. And not only in the dark recesses of my mind, with my conscious niggling away when I remember.  I am openly aware of what I am doing and of the consequences.  And the evidence is everywhere; well, in the bin, in my handbag and in the fridge for starters. Empty packets of crisps, a half-eaten bar of chocolate (one of those large Lindt ones),  a newly-opened but almost finished packet of cheese.  Dieting for health reasons should, but just doesn’t, seem to work.  I’ll have to search those dark recesses  for a more motivating incentive…..


Seat of Learning

There’s a real buzz about this place. It strikes you immediately as you enter the hallowed quadrangle, its paths worn with the strides of a thousand students bustling between lectures, their arms full of books. It resonates as you look up at the ancient walls and see, through the many paned windows, a constant stream ofshady figures hustling along polished corridors. Oh yes – there is a real buzz about this place. Then I realise… someone’s let the bees out; they’re swarming!

This piece is from Ros Wilson for the latest prompt over at Julia’s Place. You can see the post and the other entries by clicking HERE

Nightmare caused by misunderstanding!

This piece is for Week #45 over at Julia’s Place where we were asked to write a newspaper article for the highlighted headline. Do pop over and visit the other pieces. We like comments! 


Having fallen badly in the snow, hitting her head, Mrs Jones was not surprised that she was suffering with headaches. Despite going to the hospital to have everything checked she continued to be concerned. A return visit to A & E two weeks later, proved more frustrating however. A spokesman for the hospital explained “We didn’t realise that Mrs Jones statement ‘There is a real buzz in this place’ was referring to the noise in her head. Having refurbished the waiting area, we assumed she was referring to the ambience”. The case continues.