Celebration – 100WCGU from Ros Wilson

Sixty years ago

I was seven years old,

With a puppy fat tum

And a snotty nosed cold.

A raggy arsed kid

With two scabby knees

And holes in my soles

And socks that stank like cheese.

But our slightly wealthy neighbours

Bought a black and white TV

And invited everyone in,

Yes, even scruffy me.

We spent the second of June

In wonder, ‘cos we’d seen

The glorious coronation

Of our dearly loved Queen.


This piece is from Ros Wilson for the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week #44

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The Golden Apple

This golden apple is the one,

As yellow as the sun.

I could have enormous fun

Once the eating has begun.

You’re at liberty to crack a pun

At my abject devotion

To a fruit that makes everyone

Agree that is surely the reason

Why the empire struck back!

Job done…


This poem has been written by Ros Wilson as part of 100 Word for Grown Ups. See other entries by clicking the badge!