Twisty Frame


Twisty Frame


Twisty, turn-y,

muscles burn-y,

flowing, straining,

ever gaining…movement.

Like the internal machinations of my emotions,

bound and dependent,

singular and strong,

there is a sense of

connectivity and unity

that binds the past and it’s tangles

with the presentation of today.

We are on display.

Each of us is presenting a unity of self that is,

at once,

empty and complete,

 ready to receive, to meet

the challenges of today.

Head held high,

Alerted eye,

Rear patched where I

Gave pause to try…

Something new.

Internal grace

 does fill this space

and offer apace

my emotional lace…

A grateful frame.


…but I turned it off….

                He came to me, my amazing betrothed. We came together in the soft light drifting through the bedroom window. Slowly, we melded; slowly, we explored, coming to lie on the comforter’s pillow-y cushion.

                He moved above me, I lost myself in response to his kiss, his touch, my eyes closed, simply sensating.

 I opened my eyes to seek his, looking for the gentleness of soul that affirmed our love, touching my being… …his eyes were shut, pulled into tension through passion…self-absorbed, unaware of my need for connection.

 I lost passion, screaming with spiritual need…but (to finish) I turned it off.

Flotsam and Jetsam

I was asked if I wrote along with my fellow ‘100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups’ contributors and felt guilty that I have not for a LONG time. However, I was spurred on to put fingers to key board for this prompt 



Flotsam & jetsam they call it don’t they? Just the detritus of human kind. But is it? Once I stood tall and proud. I was solid and sure. Then came the wind and the unforgiving weather. Determined to lead and control.

I don’t remember the journey to the sea but there I was when she found me. What vision did she have for me? Like a parent wanting to shape the future of a child, wanting what is best. Did she know of my history and my need to stand steady? I know not but I am grateful.

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