Disney’s Euro Meltdown Fear!

This week’s 100 word challenge for grown ups has taken a turn for the bizarre. The prompt ‘Euro Meltdown Fear’ has to be used within the context of a journalist writing for a paper of choice. Mine was supposed to be one of the ‘Red Tops’ so take your pick!


Pandemonium broke out last night at Disney Paris. Characters of all sorts were stunned. Snow White couldn’t be consoled whilst the Little Mermaid was delighted. The sudden arrival of an indian summer to the most popular family resort  this side of Florida brought all seasonal plans to a halt. The ice statues for the Snow Queen’s palace were disappearing within a few hours of completion. Quasimodo reportedly had the hump.  Pinocchio tried to reassure everyone but his nose seemed to grow when he suggested everyone should whistle.  Mary Poppins is keeping her brolly ready just in case!


Do pop over to Julia’s Place to see some more journalistic creations!



One thought on “Disney’s Euro Meltdown Fear!

  1. Great delivery! I have to say that it was your entry that inspired me to think in a different direction for this prompt. Your different angle on ‘Meltdown’ made me think about a different perspective on ‘Fear’. I had a broad grin when reading this and it struck me that I didn’t need to be an economist to do this piece. Thanks 🙂

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