The Turgid School for the Gifted

This is another greatentry from Ros Wilson for the 100 Word Challenge for GRown Ups. The prompt was ‘…out of the mouths of babes…


“And these are our younger prodigies,” cooed  Tattyann Turgid, sweeping into a room of chattering Year 1s.

“As you can see, thoroughly enjoying their healthy ‘salad with grapes’ in the midst of their moments of genius!”

“Ooooh, how cute…” trilled Ima Muppet, reporter from the local Gazette. “May I talk to one or two? Seek impressions of your ‘Turgid School for the Gifted?”

“Of course.”

Ima leant forward, penetrating  the heart of a group of tiny ‘chompers’.

“Hello darlings,” she purred, “are you enjoying this lovely school?”

And out of the mouths of babes came a projectile of vomit.


Do pop over to the Head’s Office to see the other contributions!


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