The Response

This is my contribution to this week’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups. The prompt was this picture 


This contribution is also in response to the comments placed on ‘Bewilderment‘! Very tongue in cheek!

What is your purpose they asked?

Why do you exist?

Would anyone want to notice?

Can’t they see the wonder?

Do they not understand that my being

Is to help them stop and reflect just for a moment?

To look at nature and see the beauty

To join with creativity.


So what to do?

How do I change them?

Are they a lost cause or is there hope?

They asked for support and challenge

But when presented with it

They could not see beneath my frame

They cannot smell the perfume of the flowers

Wait, what is this – contributions!


Do pop to Julia’s Place to read some more entries! 


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