Disney’s Euro Meltdown Fear!

This week’s 100 word challenge for grown ups has taken a turn for the bizarre. The prompt ‘Euro Meltdown Fear’ has to be used within the context of a journalist writing for a paper of choice. Mine was supposed to be one of the ‘Red Tops’ so take your pick!


Pandemonium broke out last night at Disney Paris. Characters of all sorts were stunned. Snow White couldn’t be consoled whilst the Little Mermaid was delighted. The sudden arrival of an indian summer to the most popular family resort  this side of Florida brought all seasonal plans to a halt. The ice statues for the Snow Queen’s palace were disappearing within a few hours of completion. Quasimodo reportedly had the hump.  Pinocchio tried to reassure everyone but his nose seemed to grow when he suggested everyone should whistle.  Mary Poppins is keeping her brolly ready just in case!


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The Turgid School for the Gifted

This is another greatentry from Ros Wilson for the 100 Word Challenge for GRown Ups. The prompt was ‘…out of the mouths of babes…


“And these are our younger prodigies,” cooed  Tattyann Turgid, sweeping into a room of chattering Year 1s.

“As you can see, thoroughly enjoying their healthy ‘salad with grapes’ in the midst of their moments of genius!”

“Ooooh, how cute…” trilled Ima Muppet, reporter from the local Gazette. “May I talk to one or two? Seek impressions of your ‘Turgid School for the Gifted?”

“Of course.”

Ima leant forward, penetrating  the heart of a group of tiny ‘chompers’.

“Hello darlings,” she purred, “are you enjoying this lovely school?”

And out of the mouths of babes came a projectile of vomit.


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The Response

This is my contribution to this week’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups. The prompt was this picture 


This contribution is also in response to the comments placed on ‘Bewilderment‘! Very tongue in cheek!

What is your purpose they asked?

Why do you exist?

Would anyone want to notice?

Can’t they see the wonder?

Do they not understand that my being

Is to help them stop and reflect just for a moment?

To look at nature and see the beauty

To join with creativity.


So what to do?

How do I change them?

Are they a lost cause or is there hope?

They asked for support and challenge

But when presented with it

They could not see beneath my frame

They cannot smell the perfume of the flowers

Wait, what is this – contributions!


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This is an entry from Ros Wilson for this week’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups. The prompt was this picture


She has been a bit cheeky with it but I love it!


I sat and gazed at the sculpture in bewilderment. What sort of person had decided that a dummy made of plastic flowers could be a thing of beauty? Or interest? Or art even?  There it stood in a naked corner, why there was even a bench from which to view it! Does anyone really pause and admire its strange form? I could go in the local gallery and find fifty sculptures that excite or stimulate more than this. And why on earth would Julia Skinner think any of us would want to write about it?


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It’s Cold!

The prompt for this week’s 100 word Challenge for Grown Ups is qyuite simple …Mary thought… but there is a bit of a sting in the tail. We have to write in a particular genre! I have had a go at Romance (well sort of although it is probably on the higher shelf in the library!)



‘She could feel his hot breath on her neck as his fingers explored her body. She knew she should resist but the sinews  in every muscle were beginning to awake in this wave of feeling that was taking over her body. So this is what passion was. This is how it felt. Her naivety began to surface. How should she react. What should she do or was it her role to react to the movements of his supple fingers? Again they traced …..’


As she turned the page Mary thought ‘I must get out of this bath it’s quite cold now. Reading over.’


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