Never Again!

This post in from Sue Smith and is for Week #4 of the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups over at the Head’s Office. 

As with the others here, Sue has used the 5 individual words of thge prompt in her piece.

Do go HERE to read the other entries this week! 



‘Holiday,’ he said.


‘Walking,’ he said.


Well how does this ridge count as either?


A second ripple ran through her whole being – adrenalin  – a powerful chemical. No she couldn’t have ‘fight or flight’ and the awful side effects – not here on the top of a mountain!


Trousers lowered; hopefully her brood were far enough ahead to be unaware of the resulting embarrassment.




The lilt of an Austrian family behind.


Phew! Nothing untoward on view.


Body calmed – temporarily; a glance at the evocative views.




A cable car full of tourists. Pointing!


Never again!


Don’t even ask.


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