Another entry from a teacher turned writer! This is Cherise Duxbury’s entry for Week#4 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups over at the Head’s Office.

Her inspiration came from a cricket match! The 5 prompt words are in bold print.


The evocative evening sky began to tease and threaten, with its brooding black clouds creeping ever closer.  Unmoving and silent, the three of them stood waiting … waiting to be knocked over, declaring him out!   Determined and with a gentle lilt, he ran towards them, throwing with all of his might, willing it to hit the target.  A ripple of applause floated in the air as the sense of foreboding intensified.  Untoward, a white player leapt forward as the sound of wood hitting ball cracked – “catch….!”  The batter watched with a sense of apprehension as the fielder dived forward, his hands reaching for his prize. 




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