This is my entry for Week #4 of the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups over at the Head’s Office.It is a weekly creative writing challenge where you try to use just 100 words and the prompt to post a piece of writing For this week the prompt was 5 words. You can see them in red together with 95 others!


She had always had the propensity to brood. Somehow she saw danger in almost every situation even when there was clearly nothing untoward.

 She was ‘listening’ to her tummy to see if was going to send that ripple through her body. Her sister had described it as excitement but she knew better. It was evocative of terror.

There it was!

What if she made the wrong choice and regretted it? The what-ifs raced through her head with the lilt of someone waiting to catch her out.

She had to decide! She had to take the plunge.

‘OK – COFFEE’, she said!





One thought on “Which?

  1. You had me going there! But now that I think about it, those shops are too expensive to walk out with the wrong drink and regret it! Nice one.

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