Student Dreams

This is an entry from Caron Kerr for Week#3 of the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups. This is a weekly challenge set over the The Head’s Office. You are given only 100 words to add to the prompt to create a piece of writing. The prompt this week was …their cries were heard


Once upon a time he wanted to be a plumber just like his Daddy who owned his own Business. She only ever dreamed of being an entrepreneur 
and already ran her own sweetie business. And Susie’s passion was to 
become a famous artist, her last painting was framed by proud 
grandparents. So they were very excited that evening as they planned…

And their cries were heard later as they lay in bed gazing at the same 
stars wondering why teachers were more concerned about EBac figures 
than their own individual dreams.

 Once upon a time….passion gone.


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One thought on “Student Dreams

  1. Ouch… yes… it can be sad when you lose the passion fro something you loved but hopefully replace it with new passions, perhaps in achieving the best for our students. A poignant story. A good read. 🙂

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