The Garden

This is an entry for Week#3 of the 100 Word Challenge over a the Head’s Office. It is a weekly challenge were writers are given a prompt and have just 100 words to complete a piece. Do click HERE to read the other entries! The prompt was …their cries were heard…


Their cries were heard shattering the late evening’s peace. The sounds took time to move through the still, humid air. The plants appeared to vibrate as the air waves rushed through the tranquil garden causing the leaves to shudder as if in disgust at the disturbance. Birds that had settled for the night, exhausted from a day of swooping and diving for busy insects, were unsettled from their roosts, and gave chirps of surprise and indignation.

The house was between the two grounds. She was never sure at this time of year when it was ‘over-lap’ time.

‘So is it football or cricket tonight?’



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