This is the first entry from Steph Upson for the ‘100 word Challenge for Grown Ups’ over at the Head’s Office. The prompt was …their cries were heard..


Darkness fills the damp air.Rapid yet hushed whispers linger in the black endless space. The gentle rocking motion cannot be seen, only felt and is contagious amongst the beings crammed together. Emotionally, they are bound only by hope and equally, distress. A shierk bursts through the piercing silence; what is it that has been detacted? Commotion erupts like an agitated volcano. Frantic wailing, vicious pushing and angry screaming breaks out uncontrollably. Then, slowly in the distance, a slither of light dances before the tired, bloodshot, dirty eyes. Gasps. No one dares to utter a word. Tears fall as dreams have possibly become reality. Their cries were heard.


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