The Picture

This little piece is for the inuagaral ‘100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups’ over at the Head’s Office. You are given a prompt and have just 100 words to write a creative piece. The prompt is in blue


Come on – you can do it!

How hard can it be?

Remember the picture.

You’ve been planning this meeting for so long. You’ve played it through in your head so many times.

Go up to her and say it how you practiced it.

‘How’s things?’

Lame, but after all you just want her to see you don’t you?

You know you look good. God it took long enough to choose what to wear! Sophisticated but relaxed. A look that flatters and oozes –‘I’ve moved on’.

Right. Ready?


‘Hi Beth! Where’s Mary?’

‘She’s ill poor thing.’


Why does it always happen that MY camera always lies! 




One thought on “The Picture

  1. I enjoyed the idea of preparing to introduce yourself to a girl but I am not sure why the camera lies! Great to see you in the 100 WC though and look forward to reading more of your writing.

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