This is an entry from Ros Wilson for Week#3 of the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups.

The prompt was …their cries were heard…


A great hush fell on the nation. Michael Gove had announced that the most serious decisions had been made that affected the future of education for ever. Children were awed, students were sceptical, teachers were terrified. All waited with bated breath as he rose and strode to the microphone….

“Testing and League Tables are to be abandoned in England.”

Delegates screamed in ecstasy, their cries were heard across the land.


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Student Dreams

This is an entry from Caron Kerr for Week#3 of the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups. This is a weekly challenge set over the The Head’s Office. You are given only 100 words to add to the prompt to create a piece of writing. The prompt this week was …their cries were heard


Once upon a time he wanted to be a plumber just like his Daddy who owned his own Business. She only ever dreamed of being an entrepreneur 
and already ran her own sweetie business. And Susie’s passion was to 
become a famous artist, her last painting was framed by proud 
grandparents. So they were very excited that evening as they planned…

And their cries were heard later as they lay in bed gazing at the same 
stars wondering why teachers were more concerned about EBac figures 
than their own individual dreams.

 Once upon a time….passion gone.


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The Garden

This is an entry for Week#3 of the 100 Word Challenge over a the Head’s Office. It is a weekly challenge were writers are given a prompt and have just 100 words to complete a piece. Do click HERE to read the other entries! The prompt was …their cries were heard…


Their cries were heard shattering the late evening’s peace. The sounds took time to move through the still, humid air. The plants appeared to vibrate as the air waves rushed through the tranquil garden causing the leaves to shudder as if in disgust at the disturbance. Birds that had settled for the night, exhausted from a day of swooping and diving for busy insects, were unsettled from their roosts, and gave chirps of surprise and indignation.

The house was between the two grounds. She was never sure at this time of year when it was ‘over-lap’ time.

‘So is it football or cricket tonight?’



This is the first entry from Steph Upson for the ‘100 word Challenge for Grown Ups’ over at the Head’s Office. The prompt was …their cries were heard..


Darkness fills the damp air.Rapid yet hushed whispers linger in the black endless space. The gentle rocking motion cannot be seen, only felt and is contagious amongst the beings crammed together. Emotionally, they are bound only by hope and equally, distress. A shierk bursts through the piercing silence; what is it that has been detacted? Commotion erupts like an agitated volcano. Frantic wailing, vicious pushing and angry screaming breaks out uncontrollably. Then, slowly in the distance, a slither of light dances before the tired, bloodshot, dirty eyes. Gasps. No one dares to utter a word. Tears fall as dreams have possibly become reality. Their cries were heard.


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The ‘100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week#2’ has the picture above as a prompt. You have just 100 words to write a creative piece. Here is my effort:


There is no plaque to let us share your story of who you are or where you came from. We are left to use our imaginations of the adventures you’ve had, the places and people you’ve seen.

Your fingers are long and let me fantasize about music and creativity. Your look is thoughtful. The pose is relaxed. You watch the world as it passes. What are your thoughts? Are you happy being the person you are in the place you find yourself? Are you waiting, resting, ready for the next stage?

 Yes, you will be my composer looking for inspiration.



This is Julia Stevens entry for the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups over at the Head’s Office! The prompt was …..’why does it always happen….’


Why does it always happen that when I am running late I can’t find my car keys?

Why does it always happen that when I have a headache the kids have an argument?

Why does it always happen that when I go to the hairdressers the heavens open as I leave the door?

Why does it always happen that when I see the perfect dress I can’t find it in my size?

Why does it always happen that when I sit down to write full of big ideas the phone rings and the ideas float out of my head leaving me staring at a blank page?